Vials with barcode label

A barcode stores a lot of information on a very small space such as composition of a sample, information on the synthesis, toxicity, storage conditions and more.

A barcode contains digitalised information (yes/no). This is depicted with dark bars of various width and light gaps. Depending on the barcode, the gaps or the ratio between bars/gaps may contain information, too. The ratio between small and wide bars is normed and lies usually between  1 : 25 - 1 : 35.


Before and after the actual code is an empty field, the so-called „quiet zone“, which is required to confine the code so that it can be correctly decoded. Before and after the „quiet zone“ are the start and stop signal which show the scan direction.


A barcode has to be clearly defined for the barcode scanner to read the code properly. Therefore a solvent resistant label is recommended for barcodes. For additional protection, the label may be laminated.

Available are barcoded labels:

  • with customised design
  • for vials ≥ 2 ml
  • applied to the vial or label only


Or laser print :

  • applied directly onto the vial
  • barcode or 2D matrix code

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